Bhumi Pednekar, her almost identical sister Samiksha Pednekar leave photographers confused.

Bhumi and Samiksha Pednekar were seen at the Mumbai airport, while on their way to their New Year vacation.

Bhumi Pednekar and her sister Samiksha Pednekar are often spotted together at parties. The siblings were spotted at the Mumbai airport Wednesday night and the paparazzi found it difficult to identify who among them was the actor and who was the sister. The Pednekar girls, who look quite identical, left the photographers confused at the airport.

Bhumi or Samiksha?
A paparazzo shared a video of the two on Instagram with the caption: “Kaafi zyada confusion hai, ek saath do do Bhumi? Hahaha, nahi ek Bhumi aur ek Samiksha ab kon Bhumi kon Samiksha wo aap hi pata lagao (2-2 Bhumi? No, one is Bhumi and the other is Samiksha but who among them is Bhumi, you only will have to figure).” The video shows Samiksha in a white top, almost looking like Bhumi. But she is soon joined by Bhumi who heads to the airport gate in a black top and blue denims.

Bhumi dropped a laughing emoji in reaction to the video. An Instagram user asked, “Are they twins?” Another said in sarcasm, “Galati se clone download ho gaya (a clone was downloaded by mistake).” A person also reacted, “Same to same.”

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