13 Years After Laila Khan’s Murder, Mumbai Court Sentences Stepfather to Death

Mumbai, May 24, 2024 A Mumbai sessions court has condemned Parvez Tak, the stepfather of Bollywood actress Laila Khan and five members of her family to death 13 years after their gruesome murders. The case, which had been pending since the family was reported missing in February 2011, culminated with Judge SB Pawar ruling it a ‘rarest of rare’ case, deserving of the death penalty. Laila Khan, 30, her mother Shelina, 50, her older sister Azmina, 32, twin siblings Zara and Imran, 25, and cousin Reshma were last seen with Tak in Igatpuri before going missing. Tak, who had evil ambitions to take the family’s properties, was found guilty of their heinous murders after a police inquiry. The properties in question comprised a flat and shop in Oshiwara, a flat on Mira Road, and a farmhouse in Igatpuri, together with valuable jewelry and cash. During the trial, it was shown that Tak, a forest contractor from Jammu and Kashmir, harbored significant insecurities and grudges against the family. He disliked their prosperity and independence, especially after Azmina, Reshma, and Zara returned from Dubai and refused to share their profits with him. This resentment fueled his homicidal aim. Tak made a premeditated move by hiring an accomplice, Shakir Hussain Wani, as a watchman at the family’s Igatpuri home. Tak and Shelina had a disagreement that fateful day, which resulted in Tak fatally striking her with a blunt weapon. As other family members went to her rescue, they were also attacked and slaughtered with knives and rods. Tak and Wani then buried the victims in the compound before setting fire to the home to erase any trace. The crime was discovered months later, when Tak was caught by Jammu and Kashmir authorities for unrelated criminal activity. Subsequent investigations revealed the family’s remains at the property, corroborating Tak’s role in the murders. Pankaj Chavan, the public prosecutor, advocated for the death penalty, underscoring the crime’s premeditated and terrible nature. The court interviewed 40 witnesses over the years, proving Tak’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Despite Tak’s request for leniency, noting his responsibility to his remaining family, the court determined that the intensity and savagery of his conduct justified the death penalty. Parvez Tak’s conviction and sentencing bring an end to a tragic chapter marked by greed and brutality, demonstrating the judicial system’s dedication to treating even the most delayed cases with due severity. Case Summary: Victims: Laila Khan, mother Shelina, siblings Azmina, Zara, Imran, and cousin Reshma. Murderer: Parvez Tak Motive: property appropriation, retaliation for perceived injustices. Crime Scene: A family’s farmhouse in Igatpuri, Maharashtra. sentence: death punishment for murder, seven years of hard imprisonment for evidence destruction, and a Rs 10,000 fine. Judgment: Delivered by Judge SB Pawar and classified as ‘rarest of rare’. The case’s result serves as a sharp reminder of the repercussions of greed and malice, underscoring the legal system’s responsibility in delivering justice. is it possible for you to translate and rephrase this article in Hindi language

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