Rashmika Mandanna responds to a fan’s request to speak English at events.

Hyderabad: Rashmika Mandanna, one of the most accomplished actresses in the entertainment industry, recently responded to a fan’s inquiry on why she doesn’t speak English at movie events. Rashmika, known for her outstanding performances and loving demeanor, won over hearts with her genuine and meaningful reaction.

The incident occurred during the pre-release event for Anand Deverakonda’s next film, Gam Gam Ganesha. Rashmika looked lovely in her white embroidered saree and strapless top, complete with dewy makeup and traditional accessories. During the occasion, a fan took to X (previously Twitter) to voice their desire for her to speak in English, pointing out that many of her admirers in the North, as well as those who speak Kannada, Tamil, or Malayalam, have difficulty comprehending Telugu.

“You continued to speak in Telugu, which we did not understand. Don’t you think your followers in the North would be interested in hearing you speak? “If you speak in English, more people will understand you, not just in the North but also in Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam,” the admirer wrote.

Rashmika responded by sharing her thoughts on the topic, stating that she felt uncomfortable speaking in English at such events. “I strive to communicate in English so that everyone understands, regardless of their background… But I’m just concerned that many people who want me to talk in their language may think I’m disrespectful or don’t know the language, so I’ll do my best,” she wrote.

The fan stated that their intention was not to complain but to inform her that she has a diverse fan base throughout the country who all want to understand her. “We understand. We don’t want to react too strongly because we understand you want to keep everyone pleased. “The purpose of this tweet was simply to let you know that you have fans all over the country who want to hear from you,” the user responded.

Meanwhile, Rashmika has a thriving career with several planned projects. In Hindi movies, she will appear in “Sikandar” with Salman Khan and “Chhava” with Vicky Kaushal. Her Telugu film credits include Pushpa: The Rule with Allu Arjun, Kubera with Dhanush, The Girlfriend, and Rainbow.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Pushpa 2, which Rashmika promises will be “bigger” and more entertaining than the first installment. “We understand our responsibilities since people have high expectations for the film. “We are constantly and consciously trying to deliver that,” she stated in a recent interview.

Pushpa 2, directed by Sukumar, is set to hit theaters on August 15, 2024, and promises to deliver more of the thrilling entertainment that fans loved in the first film.

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