Anurag Kashyap explains why he finds it impossible to work with Shah Rukh Khan.

In a recent interview with Humans of Cinema, respected filmmaker Anurag Kashyap explained why he has not worked with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Kashyap praised Khan, naming “Chak De India” and “Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa” as his favorite SRK films. However, he admitted that the tremendous impact and demands of Khan’s following make it impossible for him to work with the actor.

Kashyap noted that in the early stages of his career, Khan worked with a range of filmmakers and played a variety of roles. Today, however, public pressure and the fear of typecasting make it difficult for stars like Khan to experiment with new forms of cinema. “In this day and age of social media, I am terrified by the fanbases big stars have,” remarked Kashyap. “Actors get typecast because their audience expects the same things from them over and over. If that doesn’t happen, fans will reject it, making even performers wary of trying new things.”

The filmmaker expressed his worry about audience retaliation, which could have serious consequences for his career. He highlighted that he wants to make films that reflect his artistic vision rather than simply appealing to the expectations of a superstar’s fan base. “I am scared because I will make the film I want to and not just cater to the fans,” he said. “The implications or consequences of what happens next can be quite costly. So it is beyond my ability to accommodate SRK’s aura or mystique.”

Kashyap also mentioned Khan’s film “Fan,” which, despite its creative premise, was not an economic success. “If his film ‘Fan’ would have worked, I could have said that I too have the courage to work with him.”

Kashyap also discussed the financial difficulties he encountered while working on his most recent film, “Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat.” He described it as the worst calamity of his life, admitting that he had lost all of his money but insisting that he regretted nothing. “Everyone felt it was crazy to do that, but at least I got to do my thing. I accept responsibility for that failure. I completely accept responsibility for that. It is more satisfying because I do not have any regrets.

The interview also discussed the issues faced by cancellation culture, with Kashyap stating that he has become acclimated to the concept.

In conclusion, Kashyap’s concerns about working with Shah Rukh Khan arise from a desire to maintain his creative integrity in the face of severe scrutiny from audience expectations, demonstrating the complex interactions between filmmakers and celebrity performers in Bollywood.

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