Dalljiet Kaur’s estranged husband, Nikhil Patel, addresses separation and denies cheating allegations.

Mumbai: Nikhil Patel, the Kenya-based businessman and estranged husband of television actor Dalljiet Kaur, has finally spoken out about their rumored divorce, addressing claims of infidelity and outlining the reasons for their separation.

For months, rumors about the couple’s rocky marriage have dominated headlines, driven by Kaur’s cryptic social media statements and the removal of wedding images from her Instagram. The suspicions grew after Kaur accused Patel of extramarital affairs, calling him “shameless” and saying he publicly humiliated her and her children.

In a recent Instagram story, Kaur posted a snapshot of Patel at the gym, implying an affair by emphasizing the initials “SN.” She conveyed her dissatisfaction, saying, “You are out on social media with her every day shamelessly. Your wife and son returned within ten months of their wedding. ” The entire family is humiliated.”

Patel responded to the claims by issuing a statement to ETimes that indirectly blamed Kaur for the breakdown of their marriage. He claimed that Kaur failed to adjust to life in Kenya and chose to return to India with her son Jaydon in January. “In March 2023, we held an Indian wedding ceremony in Mumbai that was culturally significant but not legally binding. ”  This ceremony was designed to reassure Dalljiet’s family about her move to Kenya,” Patel added.

Despite their efforts, Patel noted that Kaur found it difficult to leave her career and life in India behind. “The complexities of our family dynamics became increasingly apparent,” he said, emphasizing the challenges of mixing their families and meeting different expectations.

Patel protested Kaur’s social media behavior, claiming it brought unwarranted harassment to his family and friends. “Her departure marked the end of our relationship for me, and despite her concerning social media activity over the past five months, I have found closure and solace, moving forward positively,” he stated. Patel expressed dissatisfaction with the “misinterpretation” of Kaur’s posts, which caused uncertainty and distress among people around him.

Urging for a peaceful resolution, Patel proposed that Kaur meet with him to clear up any misunderstandings. “It is critical to correct the record, not only for me but for everyone concerned. I really wish Dalljiet the best and hope that we can all go on in a positive manner,” he added.

The actress’s second marriage, to Patel, took place on March 10, 2023. She previously married actor Shalin Bhanot, whom she divorced in 2015 after allegations of domestic violence.

The couple’s fans and followers are concerned about the continuous public argument, which highlights the challenges and complexities of high-profile relationships in the age of social media.

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