Durgesh Kumar of Panchayat overcomes adversity and achieves success through perseverance.

Durgesh Kumar, the actor who enthralled audiences with his portrayal of Bhushan in the famous web series Panchayat, has spoken candidly about the enormous hurdles he experienced on his path to stardom. Kumar has revealed his problems in a series of open interviews, including two bouts of depression and even working in adult films at his most trying periods.

Kumar was born in Darbhanga, Bihar, and his journey to become a professional actor was anything but smooth. After finishing his education, he relocated to Delhi, where he combined teaching at a school with pursuing his passion for drama at the famed National School of Drama. Seeking more opportunities, he moved to Mumbai, where he began his acting career with a modest role in the film Highway.

However, the years that followed were filled with relentless rejection and disappointment. “From 2013 to 2022, I failed every audition I attended,” Kumar admitted. “To make ends meet during this difficult period, I even had to work on a soft adult film.”

Despite the setbacks, Kumar was determined to succeed. “I can’t live without acting,” he explained. “So, I did any work that came my way because I was confident in my abilities.” This persistent effort and self-belief paid off when he was cast as Bhushan in Panchayat Season 2.

Kumar’s portrayal of the colorful and distinctive Bhushan, also known as Banrakas, rapidly became a fan favorite. His character’s development in the third season of the show has solidified his standing as a rising star in the industry.

In an honest interview with Lallantop, Kumar discussed the hard reality of the entertainment industry, warning budding actors to be intellectually, emotionally, and financially prepared. “You need to be prepared psychologically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and economically to be an actor,” he stated. “I’ve had depression twice in 11 years. Please do not pursue an acting career unless you are psychologically, economically, and mentally well.”

Kumar’s experiences demonstrate the tenacity and determination needed to thrive in the extremely competitive profession of acting. He credits his “survival instinct” for helping him get through the hardest times, even as his peers mocked his frantic attempts to obtain gigs.

“I practically begged them to cast me in a role. “All this after doing Highway, Freaky Ali, and Sultan,” he reflected. “I replied, ‘at any cost, I want to crack this.’ This is the level of struggle and dedication required to survive in the industry.”

Kumar’s narrative has now become an inspiration for aspiring performers, thanks to the popularity of Panchayat and recent roles in films like as Laapataa Ladies. His path serves as a reminder that with unrelenting dedication, resilience, and a willingness to tackle the harsh realities of the profession, even the most difficult challenges can be conquered.

As Kumar continues to captivate audiences with his nuanced performances, his story exemplifies the power of perseverance and the transformative potential of the entertainment industry, which now provides more diverse opportunities for talented actors willing to confront its challenges head-on.

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