Imran Khan confirms his relationship with Lekha Washington and announces plans to move in together.

Imran Khan has spoken up about his romance with fellow actor Lekha Washington, stating that the two are moving in together after five years of living separately. This statement is a significant move in Kh,’s personal life, following his divorce from Avantika Malik in 2019.

During an appearance on comedian Raunaq Rajani’s YouTube channel, Khan discussed his current relationship status and future ambitions. “My relationship status is that I’m seeing someone. I’m now in the process of relocating into a new apartment. “I’ve been living alone for the past five years,” Khan explained.

Khan and Washington started dating during the COVID-19 pandemic, and their relationship has progressed gradually thereafter. When asked about their decision to move in together, Khan replied, “She brought it up! I’ll be honest with you, man. So I was like, “Why not?” “It’s been long enough.” 

Khan confessed that he is still adjusting to living with someone after years of seclusion. “Still in the process…” Which, as those who have done it know, is full of oddity and awkwardness. The trouble is, I’m older now, and I’ve had enough time to become entrenched in my beliefs. I’ve been living alone for the past five years, so I’ve been really interested in minimalism—having as little stuff and objects as possible at home.”

The actor joked about how his modest lifestyle is changing now that he and Washington are sharing residences. “I used to have only three plates when I lived alone, but now that we’re moving in together, I’m like, ‘Alright, we need more things’. She says, “We need different glasses to drink different types of beverages,” and I say, “But my mug is great; it holds everything.” How many glasses do you need? So, sure, we are having a disagreement regarding the number of objects (to have at home), and things are going more her way so far. I’ve acquired about 15 plates. “There are two of us.

The couple made their romance public at Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan’s wedding, where they appeared together and confirmed their relationship to the media and fans.

Imran Khan, who was formerly a famous figure in Bollywood with memorable performances in films such as “Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na,” has taken a break from performing in recent years. However, his personal life continues to pique public curiosity, particularly as this latest chapter unfolds.

As Khan and Washington embark on their new journey together, their supporters eagerly anticipate further information and wish them well in their new home.

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