Janhvi Kapoor responds to trolls mocking her injury with Sass and Grace.

Mumbai, India Janhvi Kapoor, a popular Bollywood actress, recently made headlines for replying to trolls criticizing her shoulder injury. The event occurred during the promotion of her current film, “Mr and Mrs Mahi,” in which she plays a cricketer.

Janhvi, who had released a behind-the-scenes video demonstrating her determination to practice despite her injuries, received criticism from a social media user who mocked her for being injured by tennis balls. In response, Janhvi stated that her injuries were caused by cricket season balls rather than tennis balls, adding that the bandages visible in the video were proof that her injuries occurred before to the practice session with tennis balls.

The actress, known for her frank and strong reactions, slapped down the troll with sarcasm. She remarked, “If you had watched the video properly before mocking, I might have laughed at your joke as well.”

Janhvi’s elegant yet strong answer drew acclaim from her fans and followers, emphasizing the necessity of speaking out against online bullying and disinformation.

The film “Mr. and Mrs. Mahi,” directed by Sharan Sharma, was released in theaters on May 31 and combines romance and cricket. The film, starring Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao, follows the journey of a couple navigating their hopes and aspirations against the backdrop of cricket.

Despite confronting trolls and abuse, Janhvi Kapoor’s bravery and confidence shine through, inspiring others to speak out against cyberbullying and hostility on social media platforms.

As Janhvi continues to wow fans with her on-screen performances, her response to online trolls serves as a reminder of the power of confidence and grace in the face of adversity.

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