Shatrughan Sinha responds to Sonakshi Sinha’s Wedding Rumors.

Shatrughan Sinha, an actor-turned-politician, recently addressed allegations that his daughter, Sonakshi Sinha, is about to marry her longtime partner, Zaheer Iqbal. The suspicion arose when it was revealed that the actress planned to marry on June 23 in Mumbai. However, Sonakshi and Zaheer have not confirmed the reports. Shatrughan Sinha, who arrived in Delhi, expressed his views, emphasizing that he has yet to get formal news from his daughter on her wedding preparations.

“I am in Delhi right now. Following the election, I flew down here. I have not told anyone about my daughter’s plans. So, your question is: Is she getting married? Shatrughan Sinha told Times Now that she had not told him anything about it. Shatrughan commented on the changing interaction between parents and their adult offspring, saying, “Aaj kal ke bachche consent nahin lete maa-baap ke, sirf inform karte hain.” (These days, children do not seek permission from their parents; instead, they tell them of their decisions.)

Despite not being told directly by Sonakshi, Shatrughan placed complete faith in her judgment. He emphasized Sonakshi’s right, as a consenting adult, to make her own choices. “We completely trust our daughter’s judgment. She would never make a choice that violated the constitution or was illegal. “As a consenting adult, she has the right to make her own decisions,” he stated. Sinha further mentioned that he and his wife will fully support and bless the couple if they married.

Shatrughan Sinha, famed for his roles in iconic films such as Kaala Patthar, expressed his enthusiasm for taking part in the wedding celebrations. “Whenever my daughter gets married, I would like to be dancing right in front of the baaraat,” he said, expressing his excitement and support for his daughter’s future wedding.

Rumours about Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s wedding circulated after it was revealed that the couple had been planning it for quite some time but had to postpone it owing to the recent Lok Sabha elections. Shatrughan Sinha ran as a TMC candidate in Asansol, West Bengal.

According to a source, the wedding would be attended by only close friends and family. The insider claimed, “Sonakshi does not want to divulge much information about her wedding before it takes place and likes to keep it inside her tight circle. Many of her actor friends will also be there on the couple’s special day.

While the media speculates about the wedding, Shatrughan Sinha remains mute, fielding several queries from friends and family. He stated, “People close to me are asking me why I’m not aware of this (the alleged wedding), and the media is aware of it.” All I can say is that if your consent is not granted, please notify me. We are waiting to be told.”

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s relationship initially made headlines in 2020, and they have since been together in public, most notably in the film Double XL and the music video Jodi Blockbuster. Despite ongoing speculation, the couple has yet to officially confirm their relationship status.

In conclusion, Shatrughan Sinha’s statements demonstrate both the shifting dynamics of modern parent-child interactions and his unwavering support for his daughter’s choices. As the media speculates, the Sinha family awaits official word from Sonakshi herself. Whether or not the wedding goes place on June 23, Shatrughan Sinha and his wife have stated unequivocally that they would support their daughter and embrace her happiness.

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