Social Media Sensation Abdu Rozik Announces Wedding Date and Engagement

Social media sensation Abdu Rozik, known for his presence on platforms like Instagram and his stint on ‘Bigg Boss’, has shared exciting news with his followers. The 20-year-old star revealed that he is set to tie the knot on July 7 with a 19-year-old Emirati girl from Sharjah.

In a heartfelt video message on Instagram, Abdu expressed his joy and gratitude for finding a partner who respects and supports him. He shared a glimpse of the stunning diamond engagement ring he purchased for his soon-to-be wife, showcasing his excitement for this new chapter in his life.

Abdu’s announcement has garnered attention and warm wishes from fans and celebrities alike. Renowned musician AR Rahman congratulated him, while others expressed their happiness and blessings for the couple.

The wedding location in the UAE remains undisclosed, adding an element of anticipation to the upcoming celebration. Abdu, who has over eight million followers on Instagram, is known for his engaging content and musical talents, making this personal milestone a significant moment for his fans and well-wishers.

As Abdu prepares to embark on this new journey, the news of his upcoming wedding has sparked excitement and positivity among his followers, who eagerly await more updates on this special occasion.

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